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The links on this page provide a series of data and analysis of the Current Season.  Following each game, I update these pages within a couple of hours.  Each update includes the game and season to date box score.  I also provide analysis of the game just completed and I compare and contrast Kentucky with their next opponent, including a prediction of the next game. 

I describe and analyze team performance using the offensive and defensive efficiency measures that I have developed and discussed in the writings.

I welcome your comments about the manner and content of the presentation.  If I can present this information more understandably or effectively, I will amend either the form or substance of the presentation in the following pages.


NEW!!!!!  Check out the predicted scores and actual scores for the 2004-05 and 2005-06 Seasons Using this Link.

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View the game data for the last game
played and for the season to date

Game Data for the Game

Game Four, MVS November 17, 2006 __

Game Data Includes:

Field Goals Attempted and Made
Three Point Field Goals Attempted and Made
Free Throws Attempted and Made
Rebounds; Offensive/Defensive/Total

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