The Ranting and Recollections
of a Crazed Wildcat Fan
Basketball Is About Taking Care of Possessions


Since about 1994, I have tracked data during each University of Kentucky basketball game.  This data collection process has changed the way I watch the game as a fan.  As this data unfolded, I have been memorializing my impressions and my memories about Kentucky basketball.  While my perspective has been that of a life long Kentucky fan, I have extended my myopic view to include some other teams that compete annually for national recruits, national rankings, and national attention.

I invite you to enter this part of my world, examine my ideas, test them against your own observations of the game, and comment on them.  These writings have evolved in the general sequence in which they appear here.  As such, these writings do not constitute a single body of work .  Rather, my thoughts about the game have changed throughout the 7 or 8 years that these writings span. 

In many of the writings, I refer to specific games and teams in the present tense.  In most cases, an astute reader will have enough information to discern the likely year in which I wrote the specific passage. Perhaps, someday I can revisit each of these writings and edit them into a single body of work. 

Finally, I have amplified some passages with footnotes; however, neither the footnotes nor my personal thoughts are presented to document by citation the personal remembrances that embody much of the writing.  I have placed an emphasis in this writing on my memories about my 40 year journey as a Kentucky basketball fan.  I make no apology here for any inconsistencies between specific data I present here as fact and the actual game box scores. 

Most fans don't remember all of the objective facts of a game or season.  However, I hope all can agree that our subjective experiences are burned into our memories.  I will amend these writings, as appropriate, whenever any such difference between my memory of the facts and the objective facts is recognized.

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