Shame is a feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness that you have
because you know you have done something wrong.
It requires the ability to feel guilt, regret, or embarrassment.
Shame is associated with dishonor or disgrace.

What Has Happened To Shame?

Loss of shame is to the detriment of society

Essay by Richard Cheeks
References Cited in Essay

Shame Is NOT the same as Embarrassment or Guilt!

Embarrassment is a painful but important emotion. It makes us feel bad about our mistakes so that we don't repeat them, and one of its side effectsóblushingósignals to others that we recognize our error and are not cold-hearted or oblivious.

Shame, a related emotion, can be felt even when no one knows about a slip-up.

Guilt tends to focus on what one has done, rather than who one is.


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