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A new feature is now linked at the bottom of the page regarding professional liability insurance for design professionals in the section regarding
Links Related To The Law, Legal Duties, and Dispute Avoidance/Resolution

Professional Liability Insurance/Going Bare/Coverage/Causes of Claims (NEW!!!!!!!)




Quiz Scores Have Improved Across the Board Since Moving to the CANVAS System for on-line quizzes instead of the in-class quiz administration prior to CANVAS. As shown below, the PURPLE line shows the average score improvement for each individual quiz and the RED line shows the cumulative improvement over the course of all 10 quizzes. The BLUE line shows the average score improvemen for each individual quiz after the addition of the Text from the Post CANVAS scores, and the GREEN line shows the cumulative improvement over the course of all 10 quizzes after the change to CANVAS and the addition of the TEXT


During the Fall 2020 Semester, the following table summarizes the quiz performance by quiz as compared to average quiz performance since the advent of CANVAS


The Essay Teams for Spring 2021



Spring 2021 Semester


In week 12, there is three (3) discussion question, and each group will respond to three questions as indicated in the matrices below for sections 1 and 2. Please refer to DISCUSSION GROUP PROCEDURES.pdf for the criteria and procedures to follow in responding to these discussion questions. .

Section 1

Section 2


Non-bold Black Font -

Student has not made a timely post in the Group's Discussion Thread for the Question, or

The Group Leader has not posted the Group's consensus in the Group's Discussion Thread for the question, with a loss of 5 points for the leader.

Bold Black Font -

Student has made a timely post in the Group's Discussion Thread for the Question or

The Group Leader has posted a timely consensus for the Group in the Group's Discussion Thread for the Question.

Red Font - Student has not made a timely post in the Group's discussion Thread for the Question with loss of points on the question:

  • Non-bold Red Font = A post occurs AFTER the deadline for initial posting has passed but BEFORE the group leader posts the group's consensus with a loss of 20% of the points for that question


  • Bold Red Font = A post occurs AFTER the leader posts the group's consensus for the question with a loss of 60% of the points for that question.


  • Non-Bold Red Italicized Font = No post occurs by the student on the question with a loss of 100% of the points for that question

Often, students have confusion about the
Josephson Six Pillars of Character and Ethical Decision-Making Model.
These PDFs May Help Clarify Some of These Issues

Six Pillars of Character Summary

Josephson's Ethical Decision-Making Model (Annotated)



In the administration of CE-401, Let's apply a healthy dose
of Common Sense to our deliberations and discussions,
despite reports of the passing of Common Sense.


before proceeding with the Seminar.


How to Do Things with Words - John Langshaw Austin

John L. Austin was one of the leading philosophers of the twentieth century. The William James Lectures presented Austin 's conclusions in the field to which he directed his main efforts on a wide variety of philosophical problems. These talks became the classic How to Do Things with Words .



The manuscript of the book has been updated as of early December 2020 to incorporate all Errata items identified over the course of the Fall 2020 semester. Therefore, the individual PDF files issues to students this semester are updated as noted above, but do not include any updates reflecting the items in the current ERRATA SHEET linked above. Furthermore, only hard copies of the text, purchased after December 15, 2020 include the errata items from the previous semester. The manuscript will be revised following the Spring 2021 semester by the end of May 2021, and texts purchased after June 1, 2021 will incorporate these changes.



Beginning with the Fall 2020 Semester, a text has replaced the previous reading materials.
This text will be a handy desktop reference for civil engineers in practice
and the text is available for purchase at TheBookPatch.com.
Students enrolled in CE-401 MAY find the full text useful
during the Seminar and as a reference for
their personal library.

The text has been 40 years in the making
as the content and approach to CE 401 has evolved
with annual changes and three major transformations in 1987, 2000, and 2018.
The final transformation to the CANVAS system was still evolving in 2020.
When the COVID-19 crisis prevented in person meetings
for the final 2 months of the Spring 2020 semester,
the transformation to CANVAS was instrumental
to a relatively seamless transition to online instruction for the balance of the Seminar,
and the time arrived to finalize the text project.

University of Kentucky regulations prohibit a Professor
from mandating his students to purchase a text authored by that Professor.
Therefore, purchase of the text is optional for students enrolled in CE 401,
and each enrolled student will
receive a weekly electronic installment
of the relevant portion of the text to facilitate participation
in the weekly discussions, quizzes, and in class conversations.

Each Student, enrolled in CE-401, will receive the content of this book, chapter by chapter,
over the course of a semester. Students should note that per the Copyright,
"No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned,
or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission."

The text is available in print at TheBookPatch.com. TheBookPatch.com
will print the book on demand at the time of purchase and ship the book to you.
offers several shipping options using USPS and UPS,
and the estimated time for delivery is provided, ranging from a few days
to about 14 days depending on the method of shipment.

Purchase your copy today.

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Table of Contents

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Follow the links below to specific information


Links Related To Administration of CE 401



Important Information About CE-401


Discussion Question Procedures

Essay Assignment

Consensus Building

Writing Tips and Suggestions

History of CE 401


Links Related To Professions and The Professions' Role

Qualifications Based Selection (QBS)

Attributes of a Profession

Lifelong Learning

Public Policy Issues and Civil Engineering

Breaking News of Interest To Civil Engineers


Links Related To Failures and Whistle Blowing


Whistle Blowing

Nice Guys Finish Last Follow-Up: (Challenger/Alaska Pipeline/Hanford)

Whistle Blowers In The News

Engineering and Engineered Construction Failures

Hyatt Regency, Kansas City, Missouri

Other Failures


Links Related To Ethics, Ethical Duties, and Ethical Decision Making


Ethics, Ethical Decision Making:

Meet Michael Josephson

Josephson Institute Materials

ASCE's Ethics Training Materials

Other Ethics Resources

Ethics Theories and False Theories

Relevant Code of Ethics Considerations (Link Currently Inactive)

Global Principles of Professional Conduct


Links Related To Engineering Ethics Case Studies

Incident At Morales

Truesteel Affair

Gilbane Gold

Testing Water ... and Ethics


Links Related To The Law, Legal Duties, and Dispute Avoidance/Resolution

The Standard of Care for Design Professionals

The Legal System and The Law

Professional Liability Insurance/Going Bare/Coverage/Causes of Claims (NEW!!!!!!!)

How Many Lawsuits Are Filed?

Expert Witnesses

Tort Reform

Stella Awards

Unjust Enrichment

Loss Prevention Resources

Dispute Resolution Resources

Risk Management

Construction Jobsite Safety


I Love This Definition Of Engineer


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