Civil Engineering Seminar



Beginning with the Fall 2020 Semester, a text has replaced the previous reading materials.
This text will be a handy desktop reference for civil engineers in practice
and the text is available for purchase at TheBookPatch.com.
Students enrolled in CE-401 MAY find the full text useful
during the Seminar and as a reference for
their personal library.

The text has been 40 years in the making
as the content and approach to CE 401 has evolved
with annual changes and three major transformations in 1987, 2000, and 2018.
The final transformation to the CANVAS system was still evolving in 2020.
When the COVID-19 crisis prevented in person meetings
for the final 2 months of the Spring 2020 semester,
the transformation to CANVAS was instrumental
to a relatively seamless transition to online instruction for the balance of the Seminar,
and the time arrived to finalize the text project.

University of Kentucky regulations prohibit a Professor
from mandating his students to purchase a text authored by that Professor.
Therefore, purchase of the text is optional for students enrolled in CE 401,
and each enrolled student will
receive a weekly electronic installment
of the relevant portion of the text to facilitate participation
in the weekly discussions, quizzes, and in class conversations.

Each Student, enrolled in CE-401, will receive the content of this book, chapter by chapter,
over the course of a semester. Students should note that per the Copyright,
"No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned,
or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission."

The text is available in print at TheBookPatch.com. TheBookPatch.com
will print the book on demand at the time of purchase and ship the book to you.
offers several shipping options using USPS and UPS,
and the estimated time for delivery is provided, ranging from a few days
to about 14 days depending on the method of shipment.

Purchase your copy today.

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