(Qualifications Based Selection)

On October 27, 1972, Congress enacted Public Law 92-582 (Commonly called "The Brooks Act" because of its sponsorship by Representative Jack Brooks of Texas). The Brooks Act adopts QBS as the Policy of the United States. Subsequent to the Federal enactment, over 35 States have adopted mini-Brooks Acts making QBS policy for all state procurements of A/E services.

Public Law 92-582 (The Act)

How To Use The Brooks Act

The Brooks Act at 40: A Law That Works

Congressman Jack Brooks

Why Use QBS To Procure A/E Services!

The Engineering Profession promotes and endorses the use of QBS for procurement of all A/E services, whether the procuring agency is governmental or private sector, and whether the procuring agent is an owner, contractor, or another design professional. The profession's position is based on the following advantages for clients and the public interest.

Engineering Services are Unique

Long-Term Savings

Safeguarding Public Interest

Encourage Competition

Please note that the reference in the Handout to QBS
Standing for "Quality Based Services" is INCORRECT
QBS Stands for "Qualifications Based Selection"



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