Whitesburg , Kentucky

Water Treatment Plant

The Project

A water treatment plant under construction in Whitesburg , Kentucky .

The Site

The project site is located adjacent to the Kentucky River . The soils at the site are primarily alluvial deposits and fill material placed previously during the construction of the plant. The soils were very wet and soft with a 3 to 8 foot thick layer of silt having SPT blow counts generally less than 4 blows per foot.

The Problem

Prior to completing the project, the general contractor became insolvent and left the project to be completed by the client bonding company. Upon hiring a second contractor to complete the project, the bonding company was informed that the structures on the site were undergoing differential settlement and that certain aspects of the plant design seemed inadequate.

The Cause

No geotechnical engineering was provided on the project, and the soil conditions and the anticipated settlements were unknown to the project designer and initial contractor.

The Client

The Bonding Company:

Mr. William S. Patterson, CEO
Cumberland Surety Insurance Company
367 West Short Street
Lexington , Kentucky 40507
(859) 254 8622


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