Western Kentucky
County Landfill

The Project

A Proposed Landfill in a Western Kentucky county

The Site

The site of the proposed landfill is an abandoned coal strip mine with undifferentiated mine spoils existing to depths of 60 to 90 feet.

The Problem

A client citizen's action group petitioned the State Regulatory Agency for relief from the planned, and State approved landfill on a variety of grounds. Specifically addressed concerns included stability of the waste cell slopes on the mine spoil and total and differential settlement estimates prepared by the Owner's geotechnical engineer. The settlement estimates predicted total settlements of 4 to 5 feet beneath the maximum landfill depths with predicted differential settlements occurring gradually beneath the sloping areas of the proposed landfill. The geotechnical engineer indicated that the settlement estimates did not include any contribution from load independent sources such as internal erosion, piping, etc., which can not be readily predicted.

The Resolution

Prior to Administrative hearings on the matter, the client citizen's advocacy group and the State Agency negotiated a settlement which included a strengthening of the proof rolling requirements, and the adoption of a monitoring program to compare actual settlements with the predictions of the geotechnical engineer.

The Attorney Client

For the Plaintiff Citizen's Advocacy Group:

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