Richmond, Kentucky
Landfill Karst Groundwater

The Project

A landfill operated by a City in a Central Kentucky county. The landfill had a long standing history of environmental violations. The City requested and was given new operating permits which included significant expansion of land filling.

The Site

A ridge with moderate slopes. The underlying geology is limestone and karst features exist on the landfill site. The proposed expansion area includes the slopes that have numerous sink holes and were denied use for land filling by the regulatory agency several years earlier.

The Problem

The County government objected to the issuance of the modified permits on the basis that the City landfill operator had not complied with applicable environmental regulations and the regulatory agency had improperly issued the permits.

The Cause

It was shown that the landfill design did not adequately address the karst conditions at the site and that the proposed ground water monitoring program would not detect a release of leachate into the upper most aquifer as required by the regulations.

The Resolution

The City landfill operator was denied the operating permit until new designs which adequately address the protection of the environment have been submitted to the regulatory agency. The regulatory agency was required to withdraw the permit previously issued for the facility.

The Attorney Client

For the County Government :

Mosley, Clare, Townes
730 West Main Street
Louisville , KY 40202-2653
Mr. Dennis Clare

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