Danville , Kentucky
Concrete Slab Failure

The Problem

The floor slab for the facility was experiencing a variety of problems before the plant was placed into service. The problems included dusting, crazing, spalling, discoloration, and shrinkage cracking.

The Cause

Several cores were taken through the floor slab to determine its range of thickness. Each of the cores were visually examined, and about half of them were tested in the laboratory for compressive strength. The slab thickness was deficient, and the strengths were generally low. The primary problem which caused the various surface defects was adding significant amounts of water to the concrete at the job site and overworking the plastic concrete during finishing.

The Resolution

The client owner settled with the turnkey general contractor for $25,000.00. The general contractor recovered a significant portion of this settlement from his concrete finishing subcontractor in a separate litigation which settled at trial immediately before the beginning of testimony.

The Attorney Client

For the Facility Owner

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