Clay County, Kentucky
High School Pavement Failure

The Project

The project includes a new high school building and asphaltic concrete paving.

The Site

The site is a previously undeveloped site in the Eastern Kentucky coal fields on top of a ridge with moderate to steep slopes to the valley floor.

The Problem

The pavement experienced rutting, alligator cracking, and general failure during the first year of service.

The Cause

Site grading during the construction included cuts of about 20 feet. These cuts extended below the stabilized water table, and seepage from the cut slope entered the pavement subgrade. In addition, cores taken through the pavement and base courses on a 50 foot grid revealed that over half of the constructed pavement did not satisfy the minimum design requirements.

The Resolution

The owner and the general contractor negotiated a settlement that included reconstruction of large portions of the failed pavement and overlayment of the remainder to bring the existing conditions into compliance with the design. The general contractor and his paving subcontractor submitted their dispute to arbitration about the cost of repairs and the allocation of responsibility.

The Client

Clay County Board of Education
Mr. Charles White, superintendent
Richmond Road
Manchester , Kentucky 40962


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