Construction Job Site Safety
16 Foot Deep Unshored Trench Collapses
Kills Father of Three
Todds Road near Hays Boulevard
Lexington, KY

May 4, 2016



May 4, 2016 10:43 AM

Construction worker is killed in trench collapse on Todds Road

The victim, Samuel Tyler Williams, was a married father of three

Trench along Todds Road was 16 feet deep; worker was covered by dirt, gravel

Trench is between a retaining wall and the pavement

NOTE: The Lexington Herald-Leader report of this incident has been categorized under a heading "Crime" which is a curious designation. A 16 foot deep, unshored trench is a per se violation of OSHA safety regulations, and is probably Gross Negligence. Will Criminal Charges be forthcoming?