Core Ethical Principles

Societies around the world have adopted a set of core ethical principles.  Studies have indicated that these fundamental principles of ethics have universal appeal, regardless of culture, national origin, religious preference or socio-economic status.  Furthermore, a guiding principle of ethics is that these core principles apply to everyone within the society.

Several organizations have examined these universal, core ethical principles and developed lists for our consideration and guidance.

The Josephson Institute of Ethics
[Six Pillars of Character]

Trustiworthiness                                     Respect Responsibility                                        Justice and Fairness Caring                                                Civic Virtue/Citizenship                                                                                                                  Other Groups have developed similar statements of the Core Ethical Prinicples

Seven Cardinal Virtues

Justice                                                                      Prudence Fortitude                                                            Temperance Faith                                                                         Hope Charity

Boy Scouts of America

Trustworthy                                                                 Loyal Helpful                                                                      Friendly Courteous                                                                    Kind Obedient                                                                 Cheerful Thrifty                                                                           Brave Clean                                                                           Reverent


Integrity                                                                   Honesty Fidelity                                                                         Charity Responsibility                                                      Self-Discipline