For Immediate Release:

September 18, 2004

Nicholasville, Kentucky


Lolene announced today the release of her new CD, "Everything You Are"
on her Sugar Creek Records label. Lolene is proud that Danny Parks
produced this album.  Lolene worked closely with Parks as she selected
the material she wanted to tell her story.   In addition, Parks assembled the
team of musicians, back up vocalists,recording engineers, mastering
engineers who each contributed to the project; Parks played guitars,
mandolin and dobro,; and Parks prepared the mixes.

Lolene continues to share her perspective on the ups and downs of
love relationships. This time, Lolene's message carries you from those
early years of self-centeredness, through the experience of seeking and
finding true love, seeing that love tested, lost, reconciled, and ending
with a mature love. Surely, this common story of love embodies
“ Everything You Are”

Lolene provides more details about the story this album tell on her website
at  then select "Albums" and then select "Everything You Are"

Interested folks can purchase either of Lolene's albums in several ways.  First, you can purchase them with a credit card and Paypal on Lolene's webiste  Both albums will also be available at CD Baby and Finally, Lolene will sell the CDs directly to anyone preferring to pay with a personal check.  The prices for the albums are:

Domestic Orders

Title of CD                     Unit Price       Shipping & Handling      Total Cost

Lonely Dealin's                  $13.50                    $2.50                     $16.00

Everything You Are          $13.50                     $2.50                     $16.00

Both CDs to one address  $26.00                      $4.00                    $30.00

International Orders

Title of CD                  Unit Price       Shipping & Handling      Total Cost

Lonely Dealin's              $13.50                     $5.50                     $19.00

Everything You Are      $13.50                     $5.50                     $19.00

Both CDs to one address $26.00                   $9.00                     $35.00

All Prices Are US Dollars

To purchas a CD from Lolene using a check or money order, send the check
or money order to the following address:

Make Check Payable To:
SugarHill Communications of Kentucky

    Mail To:            Lolene CD
                                    P. O. Box 130
Nicholasville, Kentucky

All Mail Orders Will Be Shipped Within 24 Hours After Receiving Payment, and We Will Verify Shipment by Return Email


Buy Now And Get Discounts

Anyone who orders the CDs directly from Lolene either by mail or
email can benefit from additional discounts.  Simply reference this
email when placing the order by saying the following in the subject line:


All such noted order will receive the following discounts from the
prices listed above.


10% for orders of one CD


15% discount for orders of two or more CDs
delivered to the same mailing address

This Discount offer will be honored until 10/31/04


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