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Mr Cheeks integrates his experience as a consulting geotechnical engineer spanning six decades with his legal training to provide a broad range of service to members of the construction industry. Mr. Cheeks invites you to explore the full range of engineering and legal services he provides to his clients.



Since the Fall 2020 Semester, the text for CE-401 has been "A Civil Engineer's Risky, Non-technical Journey Through Ethics, Law, and Business" by J. Richard Cheeks

The text presents the current content based on the approach to CE 401 that has evolved since 1980 with with annual changes and major transformations in 1987, 2000, and 2018.

The final transformation moved much of the content and seminar experience to the CANVAS system. As this transformation was nearing completion in 2020, the COVID-19 crisis prevented in person meetings for the final 2 months of the Spring 2020 semester, and the transformation to CANVAS allowed a relatively seamless transition to online instruction for the balance of the Spring Semester, and the time arrived to implement a text.

Students enrolled in CE-401 MAY find the full text useful while participating in the Seminar. In addition, former students and other practicing civil engineers may find this text a useful desk addition to their personal library.

To purchase a current copy of the text, go to and they will print the book on demand and ship the book to you by either the USPS and UPS.

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The manuscript of the book has been updated as of the end of the Fall 2023 semester to incorporate all Errata items identified over the course of the Spring 2023 semester and to update the text content based on student feedback during the semester.

The manuscript for the text may be revised again following the Spring 2024 semester, and texts purchased after June 1, 2024 will incorporate these corrections and revisions, if any.


On August 25, 2023, Richard Cheeks started his 44th consecutive year as an adjunct professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky. During his tenure, Mr. Cheeks has introduced over two generations of Kentucky Civil Engineers to the non-technical aspects of engineering practice.

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