When Lolene began her "Everything You Are" project, she was determined to find the very best material she could record, and Lolene's search led her directly to Bill LaBounty.  Bill LaBounty is an established major label recording artist and a song writer.  His discography and writing credits are lengthy and impressive..

LaBounty wrote or co-wrote five of the eleven tracks on Lolene's "Everything You Are" album, which Lolene considers a high honor, given the success his songs have had with established artists in multiple genres.  Bill LaBounty also sang backup vocals on several tracks of the EYA album.  See the entire list of Mr. LaBounty's writing credits below:


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Artists Who Have Recorded Songs Written by
Bill LaBounty, and the Song Titles


Bandy, Moe                       This Night Won't Last Forever

Brooks & Dunn       Rock My World (Little Country Girl)

                                                 Hard Workin ' Man

Bros2                             Livin ' It Up [single release only]

Buffet, Jimmy                                         Where's The Party

Caldwell, Bobby                                   She Loves My Car

Cassidy, Shaun                                                   Lie To Me

Cetera, Peter                                                Peace Of Mind

                                                                       Holding Out

Crawford, Randy                         Look Who's Lonely Now

                                            This Night Won't Last Forever

Davids , Jennifer                               Don't Ever Let Me Go

Diamond, Neil                                 Can Anybody Hear Me

Dupree, Robbie                                          Brooklyn Girls


                                                                    Hot Rod Hearts

                                                                         In Real Life

                                                                                Mr. O

                                                                    Right Direction

                                                        Shadows On The Wall

                                                                     Carried Away

Emilio                                                      Doll Like You, A

Fältskog , Agnetha                                             Let It Shine

                                                                My Love My Life

Farnham , John                                Burn Down The Night

Goodman, Steve                                      Bobby Don't Stop

                                                 I Just Keep Falling In Love

                                                                         In Real Life

                                                     Sometimes Love Forgets

                                                               Where's The Party

Gorman, Freddie                       I Just Keep Falling In Love

Hartman, Lisa                                 Who's Gonna Hold You

Johnson, Don                                       Voice On A Hotline

Johnson, Michael                                       Dancin ' Tonight

                                                                    Don't Ask Why

                                                                   Drops Of Water

                                                                     Leave It Alone

                                                           Old Fashioned Love

                                                       Sailing Without A Sail

                                           This Night Won't Last Forever

                                                             25 Words Or Less

Judds                                                        Drops Of Water

Labelle, Patti                                                          Twisted

Larson, Nicolette                      I Just Keep Falling In Love

Lee, Robin                       ohnny's Angel (Solo Sometimes)

Lolene                                                                   Clean Up

                                                            Everything You Are

                                                                 The Same Moon

                                                                           You Rock


Lonestar                                           Heartbroke Every Day

                                                                   Tequlia Talkin '

Mariah                                               Asleep At The Wheel

McClinton , Delbert                                 Tell Me About It

McGraw, Tim                                Don't Mention Memphis

Moffatt , Katy                             Just Keep Falling In Love

Oak Ridge Boys                  Take A Step (Yesterday Waltz)

Peterson, Ricky                                         Tear Can Tell, A

                                                                        Livin ' It Up

                                                    Look Who's Lonely Now

Raven, Eddy                                                Sooner or Later

Raybon Brothers     Gettin ' Ready For The World To End

Ryan, Tim                                           Ain't That Lovin ' Ya

                                                              Blue In The Heart

Sawyer Brown                                  Better Be Some Tears

                                                                        Drive Away

                                                          Heart Don't Fall Now

                                                                         New Shoes

                                            This Night Won't Last Forever

                                                                     Used To Blue

                                                                        Wide Open

Shenandoah                        I Want To Be Loved Like That

                          Somewhere In The Vicinity Of The Heart
                         (w/Alison Kraus)

Soundtrack                          Technique   [At Close Range]

                                       Brooklyn Girls [Donnie Brasco ]

                                          No Explanation [Pretty Woman]

Southern Pacific                                                     Bail Out

Springfield, Scott                                                   Angelina

                                                          Two Below In Tupelo

Stallone, Frank                                          She's So Popular

Stegall , Keith                                             Hard Luck Cafe

Teen Dream                                                     Blown Away

Temptations                                                          Someone

Tennison , Chalee                                               Stolen Car

Three Dog Night                                              Livin ' It Up

Tucker, Tanya                                                Complicated

                                                                        Love Thing

                                                                     Sneaky Moon

                                                                 Tell Me About It

Valli , Frankie           Sometimes Love Songs Make Me Cry

                                                                 Tear Can Tell, A

Van Shelton, Ricky                                          Complicated

VanZant                              You've Got To Believe In Love

Vannelli , Gino                                              Total Stranger

Walker, Clay                           Love Me Like You Love Me

Wariner , Steve                                  Domino Theory, The


                                            Everything's Gonna Be Alright

                                                                       I Got Dreams

                                                Love Me Like You Love Me


                                                                     Weekend, The

                                                        You Be My Everything

Wear, Daylon                                                 TornadoAlley

Wilkinsons                                               Back On My Feet

Williams, Don                              Take It Easy On Yourself


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